Five Minute Friday: She

She had the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen. We met on July 6th, 1985 at 6:33pm, a moment etched into my soul forever. She gave me a quirky little smile and wrapped a tiny hand around my finger. I was done in. My heart melted, then quickly turned to fear. At age 24 I had never babysat, changed a diaper or made a bottle, much less been responsible for someone so small. So trusting, so dependent.

She had a personality all her own. Strong and willful, sweet and funny, tremendously protective of her world and everything in it. Even at age three, demanding to know why she had to go to bed when I got to stay up later? She didn’t want to miss a thing!

She wasn’t raised in church but had enough influence from her grandparents to come to know the Lord a little …. I can see Him drawing her ever closer, day by day.

By listening to her, I have learned much about myself. Our spirits, our emotions, wants and needs so alike.

She has passion and spunk, she knows what she wants. She has grace and heart. She has wisdom and discernment. She is capable and determined. She has meltdowns and road rage. She loves Mommas cooking. She is better than my best and not so bad as my worst, thank God. She is a light in my life and a jewel in my crown.


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1 Response to Five Minute Friday: She

  1. jodaley says:

    Such a sweet post! I too am mom to daughters, now in their early twenties. I enjoyed reading today, visiting from 5 Minute Friday.

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