The Obligatory Year End / New Year Post

It’s the last day of 2021 and all over SM people are reflecting on their year. Most of these posts are celebratory and I enjoy seeing their highlights. There are a few that are somewhat darker, more difficult to read as my friends share a snapshot of the struggles, losses and pain. Yet here they are and if they’re still drawing breath in my mind there’s opportunity for change, breakthrough and growth. I want to encourage and challenge them, “ what are you going to do with what you’ve GOT? “

That got me thinking about my own year. My initial reaction was “I survived a whole calendar year … alone”. That’s not really true, it just feels like it. I may live alone but I am not alone. I didn’t “just survive”, I’ve been protected, cared for, encouraged, included, loved, blessed.

I started the year living under the protection and care of my Lamar church family, was able to secure a mortgage AND buy back the home Mark and I loved so much in the place we considered home, moved back to our home church where I was wrapped up in so much love and accepted back with open arms, made some sweet new friends, dug in deep and worked very hard to begin healing my broken heart, working through grief which really really sucks by the way, took a week-long beach vacation at my all time favorite place so far with one of my very best besties, celebrated my daughters latest greatest achievement (her second 4.0 masters degree from Clemson), enjoyed TWO big family gatherings with most in attendance … while remaining healthy, finished reading the Bible in a year all the way through again with my Calvary lifegroup peeps.

I’ve been able to celebrate birthdays with my girls. My weekly coffee date with Gin that I missed terribly was re-established. I got a job that I love so much that I feel guilty accepting any compensation. I’m a short drive from all the family and most of my favorite people.

I have enjoyed the lords unmerited favor. Hot water. Air conditioning. A car that runs. A soft bed. Food when I am hungry. Friendships. Whatever the new year brings, I pray that I can more than just survive … that I will remain faithful …steadfast and obedient …and remember remember REMEMBER that God IS and HAS BEEN so good in my past that I can trust Him with my future.

2022 … God’s got you.

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