Mark and I were blessed to have been a part of the team from LifeSong Church on the mission trip to Jacmel, Haiti, serving in the community of Morne Oge.  I’m opening my journal, sharing my experiences and whatever new thing God reveals over the next few weeks. Transitioning back home, even after only a week, can be a process. ~ E






Psalm 37:4  Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.


Yesterday was our travel day, with delays and things that can be anything but delightful. It’s a long day from SC to Haiti and we know it going in.  We’ve run the gauntlet at the airport, we’ve seen the devastation and poverty of Port Au Prince and have done the windy climb and descent across the mountains.  We’ve prepared for this and remain calm and steady, trusting that at the end of our journey we will reach our destination safely — Thanking God that we did!

My delight yesterday and today has been in reconnecting with the people we came to see, and strengthen those relationships.  We arrived in Jacmel late, dirty and exhausted from the long day … they welcomed the team with open arms, warm smiles and a hearty dinner!

Clara, one of our sponsored children, was waiting for us, not at all shy.  She clung to my side and held my hand with each step.  I had wondered how it would be, daydreaming about seeing her again, worried that she wouldn’t remember who I was, or would be indifferent given the fact she sees a new group of missionaries roll through every week.  I was delighted that we resumed our friendship where we left off a year ago.

Our room at Leviya Hotel this trip is large and has air conditioning, a blessing we did not have last summer.  We are cautious because the glazed tile floor and shower area is very slick.

Sunday held a wealth of delight!  We were treated to a wonderful breakfast of spicy omelet, fresh fruit, bread with peanut butter and coffee.  Our team was introduced at children’s church as well as regular worship service —- although worship here is far from regular!  Regardless of geography, language or culture, we love and worship the same God.  The Haitian people have no barriers or pretense at worship services, their joy is evident as they praise God and lift their hands and voices in song!  I imagine the Lord takes great delight in us, his children, when we approach Him in this way.

Our bodies aren’t used to the intense heat here, so I’m thankful we had the afternoon to rest.  After a nap and the second shower of the day, we returned to our friends at Restoration House and enjoyed a dinner of rice, chicken legs and vegetables in a savory sauce and fried green plantains.   The food here is as fresh and natural as it gets and the ladies on staff are delightful cooks!

Looking back on the past few days I see more beauty than poverty or pain, more to celebrate than lament.  Progress is being made.  God is here and He’s at work.  I’m choosing to delight in whatever time I have, in whatever He has me doing.  His blessings are abundant, yet His grace is all I really need.


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