Hope Resounds

I’ve successfully arrived at middle-age. The mirror testifies to the laws of time and gravity, the body grumbles in protest over too much time spent standing or working. And, in this season of life we attend more funerals than weddings.

Upon waking this morning, Mark gave me the sad news that we lost a sweet member of our church family yesterday. She has run her race, fought the good fight and now stands in holy presence at the throne of grace.

My heart is heavy at yet another loss, but even in the sadness I am reminded of God’s love, his plan of redemption, the good promises in His word and the hope we have through faith in Jesus. With so much pain, loss, suffering and sorrow in the world, how can anyone have hope apart from Him?

After Mark left for work, I turned to youversion for today’s study in John 11. I am amazed at the timeliness of this scripture message. John shares with us the death of Lazarus and how Jesus miraculously brought him back to life. This one story alone is so rich with truth.

John 11:4
God has a plan and through it He will be glorified.

John 11:6-7
He knows what is going on in our lives and responds in His timing.

John 11:23-26
Jesus gives us His promise and the hope of resurrection through believing in Him.

John 11:33-35
He has love and compassion for us in our suffering.

John 11:41-42
In times of struggle, we are to give thanks to the Father and trust Him.

John 11:44
God fulfills His promises.

This is just one chapter in one book, but the message of hope resounds. God’s timing is always perfect. His promises are true and can be trusted. Over and over, day in and day out, He proves He loves and cares for us. Whoever lives by faith in His son Jesus receives the gift of eternal life in Him. I know in this world we will have trials and struggles, but I also have the blessed assurance that my Jesus overcame sin and death and stands at the right hand of God the Father.

This Sunday afternoon we will gather to pay our respects and celebrate a life well-lived. But even now I’d bet anything that Ms Elise is up there smiling and giving everybody hugs.

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1 Response to Hope Resounds

  1. We will miss Ms. Elise so much! Our loss is Heaven’s gain, and what a joy it is to know she’s happy and whole, celebrating with Jesus.

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