This blog was encouraged by a dear friend in Livermore, CA to help me grow closer to Jesus early in my walk. Since then it’s purpose has changed … to glorify the one and only Lord God Most High and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ …. humbly anticipating that He will use my story to encourage someone else in their walk.

I’m a daughter, a Mom, a sister, a wife … a messed up, broken – yet – redeemed child of God.
I learn new things every single day. I thank God for my amazing husband, he is my love, my partner, my leader, my best friend. “Our” children from previous marriages are all grown up now, but they remain closely connected. I desperately need balance and order and get pretty ornery if life feels too off kilter. My destination of choice is anywhere with a beach, preferably warm. I shop the sale rack and love a good bargain. Relationships are a high priority. Stuff isn’t important to me, people are. I love to cook, so you won’t leave our home hungry. I have no major accomplishments to boast about. I fell in love with the people in Jacmel, Haiti. I snort when I laugh. Like you, I have normal worries and struggles as well as victories. I would fail a class in apologetics …. but ask me the right question I’ll tell you how Jesus transformed my life.

Let me never forget the purpose of this blog. Let me not get prideful if my page were to become successful. Let me never get discouraged and stop blogging if it doesn’t. Let my motives be pure in everything I think, say and do. Let me learn to see things His way, be discerning, obedient and joyful in everything. Let His love shine through me and be a light for others. Let every aspect of my life of service be honoring and pleasing to God, however small. He gave it all for me, that’s why I want to give my all for Him.

Thank you for stopping by!


2 Responses to About

  1. Jeanette Morgan says:

    Love you for you and lvoe your “real”ness! : )

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