Our transition from the QC to PeeDee ends tomorrow. Finally, praise God! My sweetie and I have been on the move since May 22, staying here and there with friends and family for several days at a time. We are blessed, without a doubt, by our hosts’ over the top kindness and hospitality. Please don’t think I’m making light of homelessness by this comparison, but in a way we’ve experienced a type of squatters lifestyle, living out of suitcases and the back of the car, trying not to leave too much of a footprint anywhere. Although we tried to be “good guests”, I know it can be an imposition to have extra people in your home.

When Mark and I went on our first mission trip, my eyes and heart were opened, and my life forever changed. These past 36 days have raised my thanks and gratitude for the simplest, most basic things to a whole new level. So, in addition to having precious time visiting dear friends and family, we had the humbling experience of being a nomad and by the grace of God have not been banned from anyone’s house!

As grateful as I am for this time visiting with people, I am so eager, so ready to get settled again. To have some of our favorite things around us. To put folded clothes in a drawer. To sleep in our own bed. To start new routines, to learn the lay of the land, to add more ladies to my circle of friends. To discover what God has in store for us in this new season. Oh Lord, my God, have your way.

Tomorrow morning our things will get picked up from storage and delivered to our new home, a home that has been lovingly updated and freshly painted by our church family to make us welcome. The lord has truly blessed every moment of our journey, and we are undeserving of such favor. And to top it off, my girl Angie is coming down to help me get unpacked, organized and put her decorators touch on our space. Again. Because these are some of the ways the lord blesses and shows us His care.

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