This morning I was contemplating the saying “If you will honor God, He will honor you”. Often times we hear a saying and take for granted that it’s biblical. I wanted to see for myself, did God really say that?

He sure did. Understanding that I can often take scripture out of context, I discovered that God sends this word to the priest Eli this to confront him about the wickedness of his sons, and how Eli has done nothing about it. Sandwiched in that reprimand is a promise.

There are as many consequences for disobedience and wickedness as there are blessings for a surrendered heart who seeks to honor Him.

God has done another amazing thing in my life. I can’t even wrap my head around it. On my own I didn’t earn it, and I certainly don’t deserve it. Yet there’s this gift, this blessing that overwhelms me to the point of tears.

I’m reluctant to share good news for fear it sounds boastful. Truth is, if there is any good in me, if there’s evidence of fruit in my life, of character, loyalty or faithfulness, I can directly point to the ones who invested in me, who took the time to disciple me and help me begin to develop in spiritual maturity. Years and years of investment, grace, patience and encouragement. These people truly love like Jesus.

There’s a great story of how God orchestrated all this. I had no idea what He had planned for me, but here it is. I am beyond excited and humbled to share with you that I have been given the opportunity to serve as Outreach Coordinador here at Calvary. And I said yes.

Please pray for me as I enter this new season with great expectation. I have mighty big shoes to fill and lots to learn. Lord help me remain faithful, available and teachable


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