The Davis’ Are Coming!

Aside from the crazy few days that my friend Angie flew in to help me get unpacked and settled (praise God, I’m so thankful He sent her at just the right time) we have yet to entertain anyone in our new home. Finally, we have company coming and I’m excited!

A la Allison, I started prepping early. Tonight it’s just home-style cooking, nothing fancy. We will gather around the table for fellowship and share a meal with friends. One of my very favorite things.

Our table has a special place in my heart. A generous and gracious gift from one of our elders and his sweet wife. The BIG table, that will seat 6-8. It’s beautiful and perfect and truly an answered prayer.

Here’s a little peek inside La Casita de Marcos y Elena. It’s decorated with love and lots of fond memories.

Here’s to making a few new ones!

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