So much has happened in the past 9 weeks. For my own benefit I tried listing events, thinking it would promote healing, but the exercise felt a little overwhelming. Looking at life in a string of black and white bulletpoints evoked some emotions that I’m not interested in dealing with right now. Another day perhaps, but not today. Besides, sharing specific details of hardship and blessing here could be misperceived as bragging. That’s not what this blog is about.

I will say this …. despite any circumstance, sadness, missing, difficulty, loss, expense, burden or hardship, there is astounding and undeniable evidence of Gods goodness, grace, mercy, presence, providence, purpose and peace all up in our story.

If there’s anything I want to share about this new season, it’s a profound sense of gratitude, deeper trust, greater dependence, joy and love.

Over and over God has done what only He can do. Some might call the things that have happened luck or coincidence. That would be false. It is unmerited favor and blessing by our good good Father, plain and simple. No doubt in my heart and mind, there’s clear evidence of His care and attention to the even the smallest of details of our lives. Neither Mark nor I have done anything to deserve it.

There was a time before I gave my heart to The Lord. How did I ever get by before I decided to do things His way? Knowing what I know now, having experienced both the absence and presence of God in my life, it’s hard to comprehend how anyone could face the choice and not choose Jesus.

Telling you about His goodness to us isn’t bragging. It’s glorifying to Him.

Whatever you’re going through, I want you to know that God’s promises are true and trustworthy and they can be yours. The reasonable and logical response is repentance, surrender, trust, dependence, gratitude and a love for Him that keeps growing daily.

It’s not some “name it and claim it” kind of religiosity. As if anything we could do could earn favor and blessing. If you’ll examine Gods word though, in both the Old and New Testament, you’ll discover that He makes promises to those who choose to put Him at the top and center of their lives. Evidence is in the book, every bit as real as the evidence in our lives.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but a great start if you’re curious about God’s promises for those who seek and choose Him : https://www.gotquestions.org/promises-of-God.html


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