Almost Home

Barring the unforeseen catastrophe, Mark and I will again enjoy the blessing of homeownership very soon. Closing on our “new” 104 year old dollhouse is set for this afternoon. I’m over the top excited to be moving again, which I know sounds crazy …. but moving again means the beginning of finally being settled. (Y’all already know how I can’t stand UNsettled!!!)

My first stop after closing is the dollar store for shelf liner. Tape measure and scissors are at the ready!

For 37 days (so far) we’ve lived pretty basic. We’re still only using those things we considered absolute necessity …. those items that came in the cars with us, not counting the big furniture the movers brought.

The rest of our things remain in sealed boxes. Treasures are stacked ceiling fan high in the 10×10 guest bedroom. The WHOLE ROOM is basically storage.

The girly part of me longs for those things. Gifts received from special people. Memories of our travels together. Family possessions with sentimental value. The stuff that made our last house feel welcoming, like home.

On the other hand, God has used this time to remind me how little we actually need …

Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing

Here’s the thing, as basic as I say that we’ve lived during this time of transition, we‘ve enjoyed WAY MORE than what we needed. What I’ve mistakenly viewed as “basic” is truly wealth and riches …..

A fully equipped kitchen

My choice of places to shop, where groceries are abundant

Clean water, both hot and cold, from inside plumbing

Comfortable bedding and furniture

Light at the flip of a switch

A private place to get clean

Laundry facilities on site

Appropriate clothes and shoes for the season


Technology and entertainment


A place of worship, and a fellowship of believers

Rich beyond words, and we still haven’t unpacked our belongings!

Lord, thank you for reminding me how rich we are. I am so grateful for all your blessings! Help me remain a good steward of what you give us. Help me separate wants from needs. I still struggle with wanting things to look a certain way!

PS — So what you don’t know is that I’ve been looking everywhere for a big dining table. Craigslist, furniture stores and Facebook sale groups. We have a really small table, and we’ve made do. The struggle was my WANT, for a big table. A want that I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on.

Well even as I was writing out the last sentence of my prayer and was ready to post, I received a text asking me if I needed a BIG table, because one of our elders was GIVING THEIRS AWAY.

Isn’t this just like our God?

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  1. Mark says:

    Good post, baby! I love it!

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