Perception vs Reality 

“Perception is reality”I disagreed with her remark, resisting the idea that what someone thinks (about a person or situation) is true. I have wrong thoughts all the time, so I know firsthand that just having a thought doesn’t make it true.

That comment, though. My daughter had interviewed for an exciting opportunity in her field of interest and after the final phase, had been passed over. She was heartbroken and confused. But my girl is tenacious and pressed for feedback. She got more than she bargained for from her interviewer …. someone completely unknown.
My daughters answers and motives during that interview were misconstrued by someone who had never met her before those crucial moments on the phone. In her case a strangers perception ultimately had enough sway to keep her from being considered for that next step in her career path. Perception is reality.  

I’ve come to realize that perception of self also has great sway. It impacts everything. What I say, what I do, how I do it, how I engage with those above me, with my peers and with those I serve.  

Is what I think of myself true, or am I buying into a lie from the enemy?

Earlier this year I tearfully confessed to my leader, admitting that I often lacked understanding. I was beyond frustrated. The fault wasn’t his, but mine. I recognized that and felt the tension not just to acknowledge where I was, but also the need to discover and work to resolve the issue. Simply admitting fear, lack of confidence and lack of education wasn’t enough. I may have well just quit right there and then. I had to discover the deeper what and why that holds me back from becoming all that God has created me to be and correct it.

Over the summer I’ve upped my prayer time, time spent in study of scripture and self-development. I have asked God to reveal those things in my life that are stumbling blocks, and help me remove them. An honest self-evaluation is downright scary because of what you might find out.  I went so far as to take a personality test and discuss the results with a third party. (By the way, it was right on point.)
Thankfully Jesus is in the transformation business. If we seek, we will find. He won’t leave us or forsake us. 
If you ask for wisdom and understanding, strength and courage for His glory and the benefit of others, He will provide.  

Friend, your broken past doesn’t predict your future or usefulness to the kingdom. Your failures and poor choices don’t define you unless you choose to lay down and give up.
Who does God say you are? What do you believe about His character? Is God who He says He is, and can He be trusted? The truth of these answers are at the very core of what we think about ourselves.  How we think about ourselves affects everything.
Don’t get stuck in your own potentially flawed perception, or it will become your reality.

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