I’ve been deceived, or rather I allowed myself to be fooled, wanting to believe that something was true when it sounded good, plausible and true.
Ready? I thought cooking with coconut oil was healthy and good for you. Natural, organic and better than the other stuff on the market. Many popular recipes call for it, so there had to be truth to it, right? So a couple of years ago I switched to coconut oil for everything, in place of butter and olive oil. I made a big mistake.
Recently I read an article that explained the saturated fat content in coconut oil compared to olive oil. This time, I went to my cabinet and pulled them both out, compared the labels and I was stunned.  
How could I have made such a serious error? How could I have so easily been deceived?

Lies are all around us. Little ones like cooking oils, and bigger ones that have the potential for greater impact on our souls. If we aren’t careful and diligent in seeking truth, it’s easy to be tricked.
Think of your spiritual life, your understanding of who God is and your relationship with Him. Are you being swayed by ideas that sound good and plausible but don’t match up to His Word?  
The only way to avoid deception is to know God, His character and nature, His truth,  purpose, promises and plan which is revealed in scripture.  
Only by due diligence, checking it out for yourself, can one guard against false teaching and sweet sounding half-truths. The more we are grounded in Gods word and in prayer, the better we can detect deception before it becomes a snare.

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1 Response to Swayed

  1. Mark Bowling says:

    Swayed…I love swayed….oh that’s wrong…that state farm commercial says, “Suede! I love suede!”…yes, I have a corny sense of humor but that’s why you love me, your husband! It seems that your blog from today and my blog at http://www.markabowling.com are basically about the same thing…about how we can be deceived into believing something that is not true just because we do not want to see the real truth.

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