The Best Thing

This time of transition is coming to a turning point, for dad and our family. I am awaiting a call from the discharge planner at GMH advising of the time,  so I can meet him at his new place sometime today. The new place will be in Brevard.
Friends ask for updates and I give the straightforward answer, not revealing the turmoil within my heart. Their responses are positive and meant to encourage but don’t grasp the difficulty of logistics. It’s  ok though, I am so thankful and blessed by their concern and prayers.
Brevard is about 2 hours from mom and my brothers in NC.  For mom, an 85 year old who is blind, in poor health and completely dependent on others, the distance alone complicates her ability to visit her husband.
For my brothers, no longer can they swing by after work to check on dad.  For me, I now have two aging parents in different and opposite locations, each about an hour and a half away. I’m at the bottom point of a large V shape on the map.
For dad though, I’m told this the best thing for him, given his increasing level of care needs and recent decline.
The best thing usually isn’t the easy thing.
We all know this is true. When it’s past time to make the decision to put your beloved pet down. When you have faced chemo, major surgery and then are told you need radiation. When the grandchildren you helped raise are ripped away from your daily care to start a new life far away from your love and godly influence. When your doctor says he’s done all he can and the next step is amputation.

Whatever hard things we face today, my friend, remember that our strength, comfort and peace is found in Christ. Our help comes from the Lord.  He alone is our best thing in all things.

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