Time to Move

God has blessed our decision. After several years of foot dragging, excuses and one half-hearted attempt to sell our home, it finally happened. We felt drawn towards the Mill Village and talked about it often. We would ride through the neighborhood periodically, looking at all the houses, checking to see if there were any new For Sale signs out. During that time people had been fixing them up, selling, updating and flipping. The market had gotten significantly better in D5. So when we finally made the decision to sell our home  little over a month ago, God blessed it.
God has been guiding our decision. Part of the pull has been to prepare for the future … to put ourselves in a financial position to go into full time ministry if and when whenever God opens that door, whatever full time ministry looks like. It meant simplifying our lifestyle, making biblical financial decisions and sticking to them through these past few years. Living on less, paying debt down, then off completely. Basically, choosing to honor God with our finances and making wise decisions.  The last hurdle and largest expense, our home. A home that is way bigger than two people need.  In order to reduce overhead, we would need to downsize. God is allowing it.
God is orchestrating the details. When He’s in it, you do what needs doing in faith and watch Him put all the pieces together. There were many hiccups and hurdles in this process of of buying and selling, lots of unknowns regarding where we would go during the transition from one home to the next. For someone like me who typically has to be IN CONTROL of my situation and surroundings, there was incredible freedom and peace in trusting God with this process and not rushing ahead of Him. He worked it out. All of it.
God puts trustworthy, faithful people in our lives to guide, ground and help us. From the godly encourager who patiently talked me off the ledge more than once, to the feisty little realtor who has earned her commission and then some, to the friend who texted me one night to say a sign had gone up in front of what will be our new home, to the sweet friend who gave up a full day to help me pack boxes … God has blessed us greatly through these relationships.  So good!
God is the anchor in the storm …. I rest in the shadow of His wings. Because life happens, evil abounds and sickness strikes always at the worst possible time. Even though momma is still very sick and has shown no improvement, God is still God and He is always good. I am so grateful for the ability to juggle responsibilities and go to the hospital at a moments notice, I have a car and it runs.  I’m ever grateful for my sweet husband who is my lifeline, for my brothers who have stepped up in ways to lead the charge, staying persistent and present, asking the right questions and pushing to get mom the best care, for my amazing cousin Alicia who made special arrangements to see both my parents while visiting from the west coast. For my friends who pray and encourage me throughout the day. God is in all of this, in the tears and fears and anger over mom’s illness and the uncertainty of her future. He is sovereign and an ever present source of strength.

As I pack these last boxes today in preparation for the move out tomorrow, I am amazed at God’s goodness. How He ever even allowed us to get this house to begin with.  I look back on the many milestones and life events shared here over the past 6 years, the memories of family functions, celebrations, weekly life groups.  Deep, meaningful back porch conversations.  We’ve laughed here, cried here, studied and worshipped here. We have been blessed beyond anything we deserve.  We deserve nothing, have earned nothing. Yet here we are, closing a wonderful chapter and turning to a brand new page. 

 Jesus, author of our lives, continue writing our story.  Lawrence Street, you’re getting new neighbors and we can’t wait!

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1 Response to Time to Move

  1. Mark Bowling says:

    Well written, baby! Well written!

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