Deeper Waters

The many irons we’ve had in the proverbial fire are being removed, one by one. Deadlines are successfully being met. Goals being acheived. Milestones reached. Spring is here in all it’s splendor, marking a change of seasons and with it, the evidence of renewed life.

Of course there are also those things sadly neglected for lack of time and / or discipline. Due to the many personal and professional responsibilities of this past year and a half, not to mention the unexpected twists and turns of life, we’ve had to react to things instead of allowing ourselves enough margin to implement strategic plans. It was like treading water just to stay close to the surface. This new season is bringing about the time and energy required to re-prioritize and refocus, allowing for forward movement in these areas that have been lacking. There’s a new sense of clarity, unity, discipline, growth, purpose, peace and excitement.

The mission remains the same, how we seek to accomplish it is changing. Eagerly, I embrace the new things God is teaching. Expectantly I look forward to what He will do in us individually, as a couple, corporately and in our community. My God is active and alive! The evidence is in answered prayer, time and time again. I no longer choose to cling tightly to the side of the pool or simply tread water in exhaustion …. He is trustworthy …. I am letting go and boldly swimming to deeper water where my Instructor is calling.

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