Shame on me.  I felt painfully unsettled during that time between contract and closing.  There were moments I was a total emotional basket case and my last blog post confirms that.  In reality the past several months have been amazingly blessed. I regret not telling you of God’s goodness and all that He has done in our lives.  Let me catch you up.

The family home did finally close, with little incident.  With the last signature God released Mom from the burden of that money pit of a house.  More importantly He unified the family during a time of difficulty.  Stuff is just that …. stuff …. and stuff doesn’t matter.  The love and support of family does.


Over and over God provided resources that allowed LifeSongChurch to reach out to the community.  He provided financially, through the generous hearts of our church family and friends.  He provided through donations of goods and services. He brought together an amazing event planning / leadership team that knocked it out of the park and crews of GameChangers that served with their whole hearts.  Not once, but three times.  God blessed our efforts, the desire of our hearts to demonstrate His great love and serve people in His name.  It was simply humbling and amazing to watch God work.


It was only through God that my husband was able to finish the semester well.  He holds a 3.7 GPA with one semester to go before graduation.  He excels not only in his classes, but in his many other responsibilities and commitments.  It’s a long list, too.  To say I am proud of this man of mine is an understatement.


God brought the family together at our house for a joyful, drama-free Thanksgiving.  17 were able to make it, coming from three states.  The food, as usual, was amazing.  (Shout outs to my sister in law, Diane for coordinating the meal and herding the cats at a time when I had NO time and to my girl Angie, whose awesomely huge electric turkey roaster saved the day.)


Then God gave us a time of rest.  Mark and I were blessed to be able to take a much needed vacation.  This past year was FULL and we had started to feel a bit weary.  It was a time to relax, reconnect with Him and with each other.  We returned yesterday afternoon, tanned, refreshed, recharged and about 7 pounds heavier.  Ready for what He will do with us and through us in 2014.


This brings me to the reason I picked up my laptop this evening.  In thinking about the New Year, one word comes to mind:  LEAN.


For months God has impressed a verse upon me:


Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;


And for months I’ve wrestled with it … trying to figure out what’s His responsibility and what’s mine.  Slowly, He’s showing me that my job is leaning on Him, trusting Him with the plan and outcome, and man, that’s a hard one for me to learn.

LEAN also means less fat, trimming down the excess.  It means a healthier lifestyle and resulting weight loss.  It means learning to operate the household on less, living more simply …. trimming away the excess stuff, the unnecessary that weighs us down.


Lord, help me get lean.  God, there’s no way I can do this without You.  I want to lean more on You and less on my own ability.  Trim down the fat and excess that weighs me down, physically, emotionally and in our home.  Show me ways to live on less and be a better steward of the many blessings that come from You.



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