Have you ever wondered what impact, if any, you might have had in someone’s Christian walk? You know, the thing that happened next that you normally never know about? On occasion God allows us a peek at how He has used us for His purpose and for His glory that we might gain a little more understanding about how awesome He really is. Yesterday, He allowed me such a glimpse …. and it was truly humbling.

The story goes something like this …..

During the month of July our church held a huge school supply drive. On August 10th we gave them away, first come first serve, free to families in our community. It had been decided in advance that any remaining supplies would be gathered up and donated to a local charitable organization. We knew that people who missed out on our one day event would hear about it after the fact and would call seeking supplies for their children.

I had helped with the initial sorting of supplies and had already put to the side those donated items that were not on our official school supply list. After the giveaway I grabbed some of the leftovers before they were taken to D5 Family Ministries and bagged them up, just in case I received one of those calls. These took up most of the trunk of my car.

Sure enough, the following week we received a request for from a young mother with a story that would rip your heart out. In order to maintain confidentiality, I won’t reveal details here, but trust me, her family has a heavier burden than most. Devastatingly heavy.

God had already provided school supplies, stashed in the trunk of my car …. we made plans to meet at a grocery store in downtown Inman. We chatted for a bit, she shared more of her story, we filled a couple of book bags with school supplies and went our separate ways.

Fast forward to last night ….. at our LifeGroup, I learned that this young mother and her husband had been attending our church. Not only had they connected, they had joined a LifeGroup! She shared with them the story of our encounter and how she had been helped in a time of need. I was blown away!

Our minds can’t fully comprehend the many ways God can use us. Finding out how He worked through our brief meeting in a grocery store parking lot just confirms in my mind that we must stay faithful and make ourselves available …. He will provide the opportunities! He used a simple encounter to connect a family with a body of believers who follow hard after Jesus. And THAT is what it’s all about. People finding Jesus.

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