Bragging Rights

Have I told you about my husband?  He’s this cute, funny, simple, goofy guy, a 15 year old trapped in a 51 year old body.  An easy going, unassuming, unpretentious football and pizza – loving man’s man who still thinks farts are funny.  He even giggles at seeing the word.  I won’t be able to prove it, but I bet you he laughs out loud as soon he reads this post.

This guy’s love for the Lord is also evident, his faithfulness and trust in Him ever increasing.  From our early, soul-revealing back porch conversations in Rock Hill, I knew there was something special about this man.  God had plans for him.  Over time God has urged my friend, then boyfriend, then fiance, now husband to take those first steps in true obedience and dependence.  He has. With God leading and Mark following, I am witness to his progress … steps in faith, trust and obedience resulting in blessing and growth and greater faith and trust and dependence and obedience …. one step after another. 

He has spent the last 30 years working behind a desk, crunching numbers on a computer.  It’s what he knows and he’s good at it.  God is moving him outside that comfort zone.  Slowly preparing him for what He has prepared for him.  Mark has been working on his Master’s in Christian Ministry since 2011 and is on the home stretch.  His schedule is beyond full from before sunrise to late into the night …. working a very demanding full time job, plus going to school (making A’s, I might add), serving in multiple capacities at our church, leading a LifeGroup, still caring for his family and somehow maintaining his sanity.  This morning he ventured even further outside his safe zone.

Public speaking comes naturally and comfortably to some.  Not so much for my sweetie.  So when he was told he was needed to do the giving talk at services today on behalf of our ministry stake, I half expected him to balk and back out.  I would have!!  Instead, he gave God another yes.  He prepared.  He prayed about what scripture references to use.  He created a brief outline with talking points.  And three times today, he faithfully, albeit nervously, walked up on stage, microphone in hand and delivered the message to nearly 700 attendees. 

I have never been more proud, more appreciative, or more in love with this man.  My heart melts, my cup overflows.  

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2 Responses to Bragging Rights

  1. And he did a fine job! Elena, you are an excellent writer. You are clear and concise, and when I read this I hear it in your voice. If you don’t usually put your links on Twitter, please make sure that you do that so I don’t miss any of your posts. I already liked Mark but now I like him even better. 🙂 Plus he has great taste in women.

  2. Thank you Kim, that’s high praise coming from a wordsmith like you, my friend. Mark is a slice of awesome, I am truly blessed!!

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