Mark and I were blessed to have been a part of the team from LifeSong Church on a recent mission trip to Jacmel, Haiti, serving in the community of Morne Oge. I just realized that I skipped pages, a whole day in my journal …. Battling my desire to FIX this blog and put everything in it’s proper consecutive order!! ~E



Psalm 37:4. Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.

We started our Monday early and refreshed, eager to dive in to various projects. After devotion and a great breakfast, the team split off … some to help in the kitchen, others to construction, painting the preschool and the clinic. We had plans in place, a concept of what needed to happen in each but we are flexible and adapt to fit the reality of circumstances. Mission 101: Be Flexible!

Caley and I accompanied Dr T to the clinic, with high hopes of organizing and labeling and creating an inventory of all the supplies. There is organization and what supplies they have are neatly stacked on open shelving. Much is lacking and the medicine and supplies we brought are much needed. There is no power at the clinic, no light …. And space is very limited. I have no idea how to even begin the process of organizing, especially with everything new we just brought in. It feels incredibly overwhelming.

We emptied the duffel bags and sorted the supplies …. With help we found places to store them — folic acid on the shelves, a huge bin of amoxcicillin, another bin for children’s chewable and adult strength allergy medicine.

Dr T began seeing patients right away, aided by two nurses and Reggie and Aly, who helped translate. Our desires lining up with God’s will, as one patient after another was served and treated with compassion and respect. Our Doctor T is pretty awesome and we are blessed to have her on the team …. sweet, funny, smart, strong, knowledgeable and loves like Jesus with a heart as big as Haiti. Despite the heat, lack of power, language barrier and lack of preferred medications, she and the team tended to 25 patients. THIS is what God had planned for us today and I’m so thankful just to be here.

By 3pm, with the last patient seen, we made our way back to the church where the feeding program was winding down. Steeve rode back with the team to the hotel, wanting to hang out and check Facebook. Yes, they have Facebook in Haiti!! It was easy downtime …. Relaxing, napping, showering, conversing until time for us to return to the Restoration House for dinner.

When we arrived, the house and courtyard was teeming with kids of all ages. After dinner we all crowded outdoors to talk and play and spend some time with our Haitian friends before heading back to the hotel for the night.

I wrap up this day satisfied that God has a plan and a purpose for all things, however small. It goes well when I follow His lead, when my heart wants what He wants. Every day, I must give up what I think matters and seek what God says matters.

On a side note, clara is too cute the way she protects me and watches out for me. Like she’s staked her claim and has say over who can sit by me and who can play with my phone. So funny!!







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