Today I am feeling the loss of a memento. A small thing. Insignificant and unimportant to anyone else but to me a tangible, visual marker of how far we’ve come on this journey ….. when God moved us back from Livermore, CA to continue following and serving Him here in SC.

Silly, this thing I am missing. It’s the little white rock with the “R” written in black that we selected one Radical Sunday in September, 2010 at LifeSong Church. That day I gave that first hesitant yes to a life I couldn’t foresee three years ago. What a blessing it’s been ever since. Back then the new building on the hill was still a dream. That was well before our mission trip to Haiti. Before Community Transformation. Before Mark finally yielded to the call and started working on his Masters in Christian Ministry. That rock symbolized our initial commitment to the vision and mission of what was to be our new church home.

That little rock had been on the table on our screen porch all this time. One of my favorite places, I sit out there every day to enjoy a cup of morning coffee and spend time with the Lord. I’ve looked everywhere, but my Radical rock is gone.

Feeling nostalgic, I grabbed my bible from the shelf. I’m not a pack-rat, but in it I had hidden similar small treasures for safe-keeping. The bulletin from our first visit to LifeSong on 8/15/2010. The scripture notes that day, Matthew 4:17-19. In my scribble, the cry of my heart, “Lord, is this where you want us?” My name tag is still stuck near the bottom, written in red Sharpie to identify me to others as a newcomer.


Also tucked in it’s pages is my certificate of baptism, dated October 30, 2011. I remember when Pastor Brian told me that he had it in his office and I nearly cried. I think my reaction caught him off guard, but I honestly didn’t know I would receive a keepsake from the occasion.

The symbol may be gone but our commitment, excitement, faith and resolve are stronger than ever. The vision and mission of the church today are the same as we heard on day one. Luke 10:27

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  1. I hope your R rock turns up, Elena. It’s amazing how much meaning those seemingly insignificant things can take on when they’re tied to our relationship with Christ. Love this post!

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