There are certain words that just rub me wrong. Like nails on a chalkboard, they make me cringe inside. It’s not the words themselves or the person speaking them. It’s my perception of what they mean. For example, the word “busy” conjures up mental pictures of zipping around, doing stuff with little time for anything outside of the busyness. It has a negative connotation, arrogant, snobbish, selfish.

Without uttering the “b” word, I have to admit that our calendar is a kaleidoscope of various color coded events, trips, appointments, activities and meetings from now on well into November. All of them so important that they must be written down so I can keep up. I used to be able to juggle it all in my head when I was younger, but that was then ….


Definition of “full” (adj)
Bing Dictionary

1. filled to capacity: holding as much or as many as is possible
2. with much or many: having a large amount or number of something
3. greatest in extent: being at the highest degree or largest extent

Synonyms: filled, occupied, complete, jam-packed, bursting, chock-full, packed, crammed, crowded, chock-a-block, full up

“Full” seems to be a better description of life right now. I got to thinking about that after tonight’s LifeGroup lesson. I’m not busy, but I am quite full. I am staying full because the more I give away of myself, the greater my ability to give. Time management is one thing, but the fullness of Christ living in me and flowing outwardly through me is like nothing else.

I’m filled up with God’s Word, with the love of Jesus, with the grace and compassion He extended to me. This jar of clay only holds so much, then it’s full. When I pour it out, that leaves room for more.

And so it is, that on the fullest of days, when it feels like chaos and the calendar dings with the next reminder and I still have three more people to call before I clean and set up for the next thing that I remember the example of my Jesus … How He lived is how I am to live. Making a difference requires effort, faith, determination, sacrifice, love, teamwork, grace, patience, action, humility and compassion.

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1 Response to Full

  1. Jeanette says:

    Love your thought provoking writings! Such a great way to look at things from a God perspective!

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