Love, Me

I took my seat on Delta 1523 and immediately became aware of the lady across the aisle.  How could I miss her?  She had her journal open, texting her heart out and crying buckets.  Sobbing.

The flight crew announced it was time to power down our devices.  I texted my last goodbyes to daughter and husband and complied.  
She was alone in her row.  I guess The Lord was giving her some space in that crowded plane.

Watching her, or trying not to, broke mu heart.  Although everyone has stuff, we don’t often see it or feel it.  But I felt hers.  12 inches away, shrouded in silence and surrounded by 150 strangers. 
By the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I wrote her a letter…… Not my words, not my MO……
“Dear young lady in 20-d
It grieves me to see you upset and crying.  I don’t know your story – how can I? – regardless, my heart is burdened for you.
My first reaction is to jump in and offer you an ear – but that’s not only weird, it’s intrusive.
But I can’t sit here, knowing you’re hurting and pretend you’re not. I can’t do nothing. So I started praying, that God will just meet you exactly where you’re at, right here and now, that he will cover you in comfort and peace like only He can do. He sees and knows your pain and can heal all hurts.
I know all this to be true. Because of my own story I can claim psalm 116:1-2 for myself – and I can pray it for you:
Peace and blessings, 
I sat there,  looking at the words written on yellow note paper, the note pad I slipped in my purse as an afterthought, for an unknown reason ….. A thing I never do.  But I now know why.  
Writing these words, this message of hope, was cleansing.  But it wasn’t enough.
As she rested, I quietly slipped the folded note into her purse, alongside her journal.  No need to give it to her personally, because the message wasn’t from me anyway.  
Learning to walk the Jesus way, boldly ….. One foot in front if the other.  Learning to speak life.
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1 Response to Love, Me

  1. Jeanette says:

    This moved me to tears. I too often feel the heart burdens of an individual. Its a gift God calls it, but sometimes, sometimes it is so heavy that gift of empathy. And yet I know it’s for a purpose, to remind those hearts that Christ reveals to us, that they matter to HIM and they don’t go unnoticed by a God who loves them and calls them by name. Beautiful my friend, just beautiful watching God move through you!

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