What’s In Front Of You?

Our 2012 has been strong on mission. It wasn’t exactly a new year’s resolution, but more the result of the leading of the spirit influenced by our environment. After all, our church’s motto is to be missionaries where we live work and play.

We take that seriously. As Christ Followers we believe we should all be on mission 24/7 and 365, loving God and loving others as ourselves, living sacrificially and sharing the gospel. All of us, Every Day.

Let me tell you about a missionary I know, although she might not see herself that way. She’s a caregiver. If you know anything about that, you know it’s hard work. Both physically and emotionally demanding. Caregivers help people with intimately personal things when they can’t manage them on their own. They go without sleep. They prepare meals and dispense medication. They are companions. The nicer ones do it with a smile, the missionaries do it with the love of Christ.

What’s remarkable to me is that God keeps placing her with clients who need to know Jesus before it’s too late. These folks are getting close to meeting their maker. It seems to me that God gives them a little extra time with this sweet soul to be loved on, cared for and witnessed to. This year alone she’s told me about at least 3 people she led to the foot of the cross. It’s not bragging when she shares this, it’s joy and awe because someone who was lost, found Christ. She cared for them and saw to their needs, sacrificed for them, loved them, told them what it took to be saved …. and then she walked them there. She was Jesus to them. A missionary if I ever saw one.

I heard a quote yesterday attributed to Mother Teresa. One of our US senators who had gone to Calcutta, was overwhelmed with the masses of needy and starving people there in the streets. In despair, he remarked to Mother Teresa that he didn’t know what to do ….
to which she replied, “Do what’s in front of you.”
Wow, what a concept.

That sums up a missional mindset to me: you simply do what’s in front of you. Not everyone will go to India on a mission trip. Not everyone is a pastor. However, we all have something in front of us that we CAN do and are being called to do.

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