Word Up

My sweetie left for work a little while ago.  Being a SAHBG, that marks my time to start a load of laundry, wash up the dishes and spend some time in the Word.   Of course, I just had to sneak in a peek at FB.

Huge, huge mistake.  I got sucked in for 45 minutes, reading some of the most slanderous, hateful, self-righteous, mean-spirited posts. The subject?  Marriage equality.  On both sides of the issue the words were equally damaging, sarcastic, vicious. 

This shouldn’t surprise me though, I’ve also seen some heated arguments on FB concerning guns lately.  Not nearly as explosive as the comments regarding marriage equality, but stout nonetheless.

That reminds me, football season is just around the corner.  Throwing verbal darts at the opposition is not only justified, it’s expected!  All in good fun of course.   (Could get ugly in the house divided this fall ….. just sayin’! )

Bad joke, sorry football fans!  It’s not my intent to minimize or trivialize the sport or the issues that have our world turned upside down.  I’m not trying to squelch debate or anyone’s opinion.  I’m not condemning free speech or the constitution.   But reading all that hate put me in a really bad mood!

Sometimes we get so passionate about expressing our views.  So much so,that in protecting our rights (both real and perceived)  it’s often without regard for how it affects others. That makes my moderate, Christian white-bread-self cringe inside.  Thank God we have opinions and rights and causes, and let’s celebrate our uniqueness and differences!   I just wish that people would be careful not to use words and reflect attitudes that hurt.  No cause is worth supporting or argument worth winning at the expense of hurting someone or putting them down.  Hiding behind social media doesn’t make it ok either.  You can try to mask that sarcasm with intellect but God still knows the heart.

And that’s what it all boils down to in the end.  

One God, One Judge, One in all authority.

He made all the rules, He set the standards. 

It’s totally up to us whether or not to abide by them.

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2 Responses to Word Up

  1. Jeanette says:

    SO true my friend so true! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Bonnie says:

    I agree, facebook’s just not what it used to be because of all the hate – everything from religion to politics. You hit the proverbial nail on the head here. Hugs!!

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