God is doing wonderful things. The past few months of my life have been peppered with God-sightings. He’s recently blessed us with a wonderful new lifegroup. He is working in the lives of people we love. He’s connecting us with new people, creating new relationships. Prayers are being answered. Evidence of His love and greatness is all around us. I just love seeing Him in the day to day. This past week though was quite incredible.

Easter Sunday marked the conclusion of Love Invades, a week-long mission trip in our own community during which time more than 500 of us invested about 5000 hours to love like Jesus. Over 150 volunteers delivered 2 tractor trailer loads of groceries, about 850 bags, going door to door. Children in the community enjoyed Vacation Bible Clubs in THEIR neighborhood venues with fun, music, crafts and healthy lunches while learning about Jesus. That’s not all …. over 300 smoke detector battery replacement kits were given away. 600 Boxes of Sunshine were lovingly packed and distributed to every teacher and bus driver in our district, a small gift of thanks for all they do everyday. Crews of volunteers helped people who were unable with yard cleanup. Stylists provided haircuts free of charge. Over 80 people who needed oil changes got their cars serviced for free. On Saturday everyone was invited to a Family Fun Day, complete with free food, games, face painting, bounce houses, prizes and more. The church provided 5 opportunities over this Easter weekend for people to come hear the gospel, to worship our God and to celebrate the Risen Christ alongside family and friends. And people came in droves.

This week has been joyful, emotional, inspirational, exhausting, worshipful, meaningful. And humbling.

I’m tempted to brag about my awesome church, her people, this great community …. and it may sound like I am …. but this isn’t about a building, or the people that make up LifeSong Church, or my friends or the area I live in. It’s about a movement of God. It’s about renewal. Revival. Transformation. God is drawing people onto Himself.

It is with certainty and conviction that I tell you, God is moving BIG in MY life. I am being made newer every day. The more I seek Him, the closer He moves. The more I obey, the more He reveals opportunity. The more I trust Him, the greater the blessings. The more I give Him, the more I receive. That’s how He works.

It blows my mind to think of all the things God did through LifeSong Church just last week. I’m just one of roughly 500 volunteers who each have their own experiences and God stories from Love Invades. That’s not counting the people whose lives we touched …. they have THEIR stories of unexpected love and blessing.

I’m sensing there’s so much more to come …. more opportunity, more challenge, more blessings. More chances to get closer to Him. A movement of God gaining momentum, with a great and powerful force driving us on. Encouraging us. Strengthening us.

Love has invaded, changing us and our community for His glory.
We are all forever changed.

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1 Response to Revival

  1. Bonnie says:

    This is so awesome, Elena. Your words inspire me, always. Love and hugs!!

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