Training Wheels

Have you ever experienced “synchronicity”?  Paraphrased, it’s ” two or more seemingly unrelated events coming together in a meaningful manner.”  You know, those times you sense that God is revealing something …. then almost immediately you get evidence to back up His message?   I think he likes to confirm things to us in different ways, not with burning bushes but in everyday things like sermons, conversations, music and scripture.  I can attest to synchronicity, God brought something to the forefront recently (ironically when we began a bible study of the book “What Women Fear”) then confirmed by way of a sermon message, through various conversations, in songs heard on the radio and in the Word.

This revelation isn’t a new one.  God and I seem to keep wrestling over a specific thing, a big thing, and that thing is trust. I’m  still lacking that completely surrendered, jump right in, hold nothing back, walk on water without looking down kind of faith and trust.  I’m alot like a kid riding the big bike with confidence right  up until the time Dad says the training wheels have got to go.  I’m not trusting when He says He’ll still be running alongside to catch me if I start to fall.  Sure, it’s great to study and pray and serve at church and be an encourager to others and support our husbands as biblical wives should and be charitable and try to do all the right Christiany things …… but this sin-struggle hidden down in the deepest part of me has gotten in the way of real relationship and spiritual growth.

Faith and trust.  My mind thinks it, my eyes read it, my lips utter it but God knows that there are times my heart just freezes with fear.  Fear based on what I already know compounded by fear of the yet unknown.  Mistrust, resistance and reluctance almost always accompany fear. They’re thick as thieves!

Thankfully our Heavenly Father is ever patient and gentle with His reprimand, so loving and generous with His grace!  Do you also struggle with fear, with worry, with issue of faith and trust?  Check out a few of the good and trustworthy promises I found:

Psalm 103: 8-14    He is compassionate, merciful, slow to anger, tender.

Philippians 4:19    He will take care of me.

Romans 8:37-39    Nothing can separate me from God’s love …… nothing!

Matthew 6:25-34   Why worry, God already knows and will provide.

Jeremiah 29:11-13   He has good plans for me .

But the verse that spoke loudest I received in email  just this morning :

1 Chronicles 5:20    They were helped in fighting them, and God delivered the Hagrites and all their allies into their hands, because they cried out to him during the battle. He answered their prayers because they trusted in him.

….. He answered their prayers, WHY?   because they trusted in Him …..

Praying that we learn to release the fear that cripples us and begin to trust with our whole hearts the One who is trustworthy, that He will run alongside, with His strong hand on the sissy-bar, holding us steady, never letting us go.

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4 Responses to Training Wheels

  1. Bonnie says:

    Truly beautiful post Elena, and one that needs repeating over and over.

  2. Jeanette Morgan says:

    A-MAZ -ING!!!!! I just love love love the revelations God gives you and the way you write it!

  3. Thank you so much Jeanette. He is awesome!

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