Discern and Obey

My sweetie surprised me with a much needed, post -Christmas getaway.  Destination: Savannah,GA.  How I love road trips!  Anywhere would have been ok with me but he went above and beyond. Savannah is beautiful year-round.  Our suite was lovely, located in the historic district a block from all the riverfront shops, restaurants and fun.

On Tuesday we bought passes for one of those all-day, on and off, guided historic trolley tours. This allowed for more flexible sightseeing and was so worth the price. We rode the circuit once to decide what stops to visit after lunch.  Among those was Forsythe Park and the big water fountain.

The park wasn’t crowded, just a few tourists, families and panhandlers.  I acknowledged one man who appeared to be sizing us up and continued my search for the best camera angle of the famous fountain. The man stuck up a friendly conversation to get us engaged and we politely listened.  He suggested some other of his city’s must-see sights.  I asked if he had lived in Savannah all his life and yes, he had.  Sammy Davis Turner Jr was his name, and he shared a bit of his story …. how he lost his job earlier this year and had become homeless just last month ….. Where he stays at night, how often he can shower and get clothes, etc.

Then he asked for cash, $7.00 to be exact.  We never have money, just plastic. Sammy said he could use even .60 cents but our pockets were empty.  I think this man could read my face because he asked that we pray for him and again repeated his name.  He hugged us together, one arm around each of our necks and walked away.

Four days have passed and I’ve been haunted by that brief encounter ever since.  He could have been 100% truthful, or not?  Maybe he preys on tourists and we just fit the profile.  That makes no difference.  What I keep hearing is that we let an opportunity to give, to obey, to serve …. just  pass us by.  We did nothing and I’m thinking that “nothing” wasn’t the correct response.

“Something” could have been a few bucks and a kind word.  So what if he was pulling one over on us …. That would have earned us at least the right to share the gospel or pray for him, with him in front of God and everybody. It’s more about us being willing, prepared and obedient.

Yes, next time we will be ready for Sammy when we cross paths.

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4 Responses to Discern and Obey

  1. Bonnie says:

    Lovely post, E. I’ve never been to Savannah – close, but no cookie. I’ve had one or two Sammy experiences too, and often think ‘that could’ve been Jesus dressed up in disguise’. God knows our hearts. Love and hugs. 🙂

  2. Jeanette says:

    You didn’t let an opportunity pass you by if you learned from it!! Scripture says that “…we may be entertaining angels unaware”. Maybe God was preparing you, training you so you will know next time. This has happened to me too. You learned well and I know your heart, you will joyfully answer the tug on your spirits. : ) Thanks as always for sharing. I get so excited when I get the email that you wrote another thought provoking, heart tugging devotional!! love how you share your faith and learning adventures! And they are adventures!!! : )

    • Thanks Jeanette, glad to know you’ve experienced this too. I guess as long as God is teaching and leading then I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing …. Following ….. Even if it’s not perfect every time. 😉

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