Eleven Six Eleven


Last night was beyond special.  Just thinking back on it makes my eyes well up with tears and I get a lump in my throat. Our church held a Resolution Ceremony similar to the one in the movie “Courageous”.  (Only better, because it was done LifeSong style.)  Those of you who haven’t yet seen the movie probably don’t understand.  Please, go see “Courageous” and take your family.  It’s well worth watching.  If you embrace the message of the movie it could change you, your family, your life.

I heard nearly 70 men and their families participated. It was a group so large they had to split us up into two. There was no actual dress code, but many chose suits to mark the occasion. Although all our guys looked so handsome, their clothes didn’t matter nearly as much as what they promised. These men who stepped up last night made vows to be the godly men, fathers and husbands that scripture calls them to be. It was prayerful, emotional and very real.

Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely dessert reception in the atrium of our new building. Beautifully decorated tables were loaded with a yummy assortment of home-made cakes, pies and other treats. Printed name cards identified the desserts. The folks who made this all possible did an amazing job. Everything was just perfect!

I am proud of all the men who made the commitment and signed the resolution last night. It’s a high calling. Many of them haven’t had it modeled in their own lives. That’s where the accountability part comes in. Last night we also learned of a new men’s ministry, which will create a much-needed network of support.

When I woke up this morning I realized that my husband had already started living the resolution. Even before the movie God had already planted these concepts in his heart. Last night’s resolution ceremony was like a baptism, an outward expression of inner changes. I am so in awe of how God works.  I recognize just how very blessed I am.

Ladies, look and see God moving in the heart of your man. Let’s resolve to be the godly women that our husbands need to feel valued, loved and supported. Let our attitudes, words and body language influence and inspire them to be the spiritual leaders and men of courage God wants them to be.

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3 Responses to Eleven Six Eleven

  1. Bonnie says:

    I just watched the trailer, it gave me chills. It looks beyond awesome….

  2. You’ll love it, promise. Take Kleenex 😉

  3. Mary says:

    We MUST see this movie! Several others have had the same reaction. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing your experience:-)

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