John 8:7

So many good things are going on that I am dying to share, but my heart is stuck on this, this one thing and what a heavy burden it is.  

People I love are suffering.  There has been a tremendous loss, a death that impacts the entire body.  Lives destroyed.  Hearts broken.  Friendships tested.  People hurting.  Marriages are at risk.  Families hang in the balance.  It’s a nightmare with the most serious repercussions … personal and spiritual chaos. 

As Christ Followers we can not condone the sins that lead to crises such as these.  As Christ Followers we can not condemn those who have fallen.  Sorry, but this is where the rubber meets the road.  Hate the sin, love the sinner.  We are called to forgive transgressions, not to judge, but to build each other up and love our brothers and sisters who are struggling through their mess.   In spite of how their mess affects us. 

I am thankful that Jesus covers me with grace and mercy on a daily basis.  I am ever mindful that He calls me to do the same with others.  He loves me in spite of my sin and I don’t care who is reading this, we’re all guilty of something.  Sin is sin whether it’s a lie, adultery, pride, a critical heart, unforgiveness or stealing.  We humans can try to categorize and minimize it all we want, but with God there are no degrees of sin.  

Recently someone asked me how I process things, who it is that I go to with my junk.  I hope she believed my answer.  The truth is when stuff happens I ask God how he wants me to respond to it.  When I rely on my flawed human nature, my emotions, insecurities, anger, fear and other feelings will usually steer me wrong.    

No, I don’t have all the answers.  For whatever reason, God is allowing these events to unfold.  I choose to trust His greater purpose, a plan beyond my comprehension.   Only He can gather up the many broken pieces and build something beautiful out of it.  

~~ Hugs, love and prayers ~~

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1 Response to John 8:7

  1. jeanette morgan says:

    I love your posts and was missing them profoundly. I love the truth you share and the love and rawness. So much hurt and pain in the world in the church in relationships but like king david in the psalms he cried, he danced, he praised, he was anguished in soul and spirit but he knew who to turn to. His beloved Lord. And he sought his wisdom on how to cope with loss,love,life. I love that those in the bible we’re just as flawed as us. Because it reminds me that grace isn’t for the perfect. Grace is for those of us who will at one time or another mess up. But I love what it says in the book The Shack by William p. Young- “we are all a bunch of beautiful messes”. Love you friend! Your writings bless me!

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