Growing Pains

“Life’s too short” is a phrase often used to justify satisfying a desire that isn’t necessarily all that good for me.  It usually precedes an indulgence or a splurge, like having dessert or buying something pretty.  The truth is ….. life is too short.  Say it with sincerity and you’ll feel those words take on a whole different meaning.   Using our remaining time well becomes more important, more urgent.  Since life’s too short, then isn’t it time to focus the time we have left on what really matters? 

One of our CA friends summed it up nicely:  “What matters most is people finding Jesus.”  I’ve chewed on that one for almost two years.   

I have to be honest, at that time I was thankful and happy for my salvation but not all that concerned about anyone else’s.  That was the preacher’s job, right?  My job description is to sit in this chair and get spoon-fed this week’s feel-good message, right?   Toss in some service, fellowship and Bible study and it’s all good, right? 

Forgive my sarcasm.  I’m not saying that attending church, serving others, fellowship with other Christians and Bible study is bad.  Far from it.  I’m saying that I am convinced we’re being called to much more.  You and I, the former pew-sitters … as Christ-Followers we’re being called to live a life of love in action so that others will also come to know what matters most. 

Convicted and unqualified.  Enthusiastic and clueless.  So here we go, Lord!   Have You way in all of this.  Learning new things can be uncomfortable and scary.  There will be struggles with doubt and insecurity.  But I will trust You to provide loving guidance and clarity in Your timing, because You are always faithful.  Because I love you, because this isn’t about me, because life is short and because what matters most is people finding their way back to You.

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1 Response to Growing Pains

  1. Jeanette Morgan says:

    Beautiful!!! You move my heart everytime you write because it is always with our Lord’s love and revelation!! xoxoxo

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