Seek and Find

Isn’t it weird how Christians often say God feels so far away?  We get on the hamster-wheel of life, do church, volunteer, connect with people, read our Bibles, pray and generally outwardly try to live the way we know we’re supposed to.  Many of us fit that model, maybe not consistently, but we can identify with it.  Yet even with all our Christian living, if we’re honest, we can still come away feeling like something’s missing.

The message at LifeSong this past Sunday touched a lot of people, myself included.  It was a sermon that sparked conversations that ignited change.  This is a snapshot of just one. 

A friend and I talked afterwards about how awesome the message was, how we felt God speak to our hearts.  We could totally identify with a recent disconnect because we have both experienced that close, intimate relationship with our Lord.  But lately?  Maybe not as much?  Or not every day?  Life just gets so busy. 

She mentioned a sermon by Loran where he describes taking time to just “be” with God, to just sit with Him and meditate on Him.  Not bombarding Him with prayer requests and stuff we want, but to just sit and actually listen for that small still voice.  We talked honestly about our quiet and intimate prayer time and how our minds are so easily distracted.  By the end of the conversation we both agreed to change how we come before God. 

It was basic and simple and private and real.  No show for my friends, just me and my creator spending quality time together.  While I didn’t have any earth-shattering, prophetic revelations, I did have an incredible sense of peace and purpose.  I came away content, renewed, encouraged and empowered.  Full.  Satisfied.  Connected. 

Why does this surprise me?  Scripture tells us Jesus slipped away privately to spend time with the Father.  (A quick Google search pulled up evidence of this in Mark 1:35 and Luke 6:12.)  Not only did He take time to sit and be with God, Jesus himself tells us to seek and we will find.  Not MAYBE find, but WILL find.   (Matthew 7:7 and Luke 11:9) 

I love how simple this really is.  I hate how quickly I forget.  I’m amazed how God uses all these little things like sermons and conversations to invite me into a deeper relationship with Him.   I’m praying for those who know there’s more, that something is missing ……

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2 Responses to Seek and Find

  1. Mark Bowling says:

    Wow, baby! This was good stuff! Your honesty and your hunger for God are an inspiration to me to go deeper and to be real! Thank you! I love you!

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