Yearly Check-Up

A year ago I had no idea what our lives would look like today.  Couldn’t picture it.            Last year, we were a month in to life back in SC.  We had just made the second cross country move in 12 months, we took a huge leap of faith and exchanged marriage vows (a three-peat for both of us), we had just bought a house of our own and we had just started attending a new church.    Lots happening, for sure.

At that time, my biggest fear about leaving CA was that God would forget the work He started in me, as if somehow His power, grace and mercy couldn’t reach me way over here. Livermore is where I finally found Jesus and where I started my journey.  I was truly afraid that by coming back here I would somehow lose Him.    

I also knew that we were in a cocoon out there on the west coast, protected by a 3 hour time difference and enjoying a 2,667 mile separation from all the problems back east and our pasts.  In my mind, coming back east had the potential to threaten the peace of our new relationships in Christ and as a newly-wed couple. 

Silly me. 

What we’ve experienced since moving here is beyond comprehension!  God is doing amazing things in and through our church home.  In a year, our personal spiritual growth, understanding and desire to serve Him is increased.   My love for God and others has increased.  Our obedience is increased.  Forgiveness has increased.  Faith has increased.  Trust is increased.  Our God is an amazing God! 

Psalm 138: 8 The Lord will work out his plans for my life—
for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.
Don’t abandon me, for you made me. 

I came across this passage in my reading plan today and was overwhelmed.  If I weren’t sitting here blogging, I’d be face-down right now.  Thank you Lord, thank you.

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2 Responses to Yearly Check-Up

  1. Mark Bowling says:

    Our God is an amazing God. After all, he DOES know what He’s doing.

  2. Beautiful! HE is a truly amazing GOD doing a truly amazing work in and through each of our lives. I praise GOD for your journey to Livermore and back. HE knew just where you needed to be and in what time you needed to be there! What an awesome GOD we serve!

    Love, hugs, and continued prayers,

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