36 x 30

I finally finished painting that little bookcase a friend gave me several months ago.   It was a little intimidating but turned out better than expected, given this was my first attempt at any kind of furniture refinishing.  

Before today, our books have been scattered all over the house.  Not messy scattered, just … everywhere.  On the kitchen counter. Tucked in a basket in the half-bath downstairs.  Under the coffee table.  Stored in the computer armorie upstairs.  My very favorite place to keep them (until now) has been the wood rack that we don’t need by the fireplace because we have gas logs.  That log rack was stacked up pretty high. 

Yes, the house needs cleaning, the laundry is overflowing and there are other things that are more important but what I want to do is gather up these books and bring them all together.  Right now, putting them in their new location feels like the day’s priority.  

In doing so a common thread is revealed.  Over half of these books are representative of my journey, the road leading to a new life in Christ.  These are real and tangible life-marks.  Although I haven’t read them all yet, with most of my books I can recall where I was physically, emotionally and spiritually at the time they were received or purchased.  Many of them bring to mind a special person, place or event.  Whether it was in ladies bible study, in lifegroup or read privately, the words printed on these pages made lasting impact on my heart.  These words brought forth new insight and understanding, they forged hope, inspired and encouraged and helped develop greater faith.  These are precious treasures, better than gold jewelry or new shoes. 

My sweetie gave me some great new books for our wedding anniversary earlier this week.  I know this man really loves me, he knows what I like and what I need.  He has blessed me with new treasure for my journey.   We might need a bigger bookcase.

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