Communication Breakdown

Mom called this afternoon while I was painting a bookcase, leaving a very breathless and shaky voice mail.  She doesn’t sound 79, and definitely not as shaky as she sounded leaving that message.  I could tell something was wrong. 

So I call.  It rings. And rings. And rings.  I call her best friend and there’s no answer.  I try the lady who helps 3 days a week and she doesn’t pick up.  I try Mom again  And. It. Just. Rings.  At that point I was still somewhat calm but getting a little annoyed that I couldn’t reach anyone.  

Then fear gripped me.  Fear of what the heck unknown something that had obviously happened and she didn’t say in her message.  And indecision.  What should I do?  The folks live a little over an hour away, but add 30 minutes for rush hour traffic and even more time if there’s a fender bender on 85.  If something was wrong I’d never make it in time.  

In time for what?  

Panic, as my mind flips through a slideshow of scary thoughts, each one more awful than the mental image before it. 

I settle myself down long enough to Google the number for the Mt Holly Police Department and explain my concerns to the dispatcher when Mom beeps in. 

Relief, as I gently explain to her again how call waiting works. 

I know the odds of something happening to my elderly parents increase each day.  The next call could be to inform of a heart attack, a fall and broken hip, a car accident, a pot left unattended on the stove, etc.  My concern is with her immediate health, safety and comfort.  These are things I can help with, even from 74 miles away.  We just need to come up with a better system of communication! 

Mom doesn’t fear death because she is secure in her relationship with God and her love for Jesus.  We’ve talked about it.  I’m very thankful for that.  It’s going to be hard enough on me when she does pass, to have to worry about whether or not she’s going to heaven too.   I do find it strange though, that I wasn’t aware until these past few months how deep her faith really is.  How could it be that I am almost 51 and didn’t know that my Mom loves Jesus?   

Who else have I not had this conversation with?  Everyone matters to God, but my friends and family certainly matter to me!  I don’t want any shyness, fear or stuff to get in the way of sharing my faith.

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  1. Blessings and prayers,

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