This week’s calendar is full of important events.  A year ago my sweetheart and I exchanged vows before God and a few of our closest friends and family.  Thursday is my SM’s Birthday.  He’s so cute, saying he’ll be 49 and holding!   He’s also sporting a cool new bookbag, because he starts classes today.

I am incredibly proud of my man.  He finally did it, he put his “yes” on the table.  After years of agonizing over every aspect of it, he is taking that bold first step in answering his call.  We don’t know where we’ll end up or what his ministry will look like, but it’s ok …. all that will come later.  I can’t imagine how he must be feeling inside, it has to be both scary and exciting.  The next few years are sure to be demanding.  The plan is that he will continue working his current full-time job in addition to attending night classes.  The nights he’s not in class will be nights devoted to study.  This will be an adjustment for us individually and as a couple.  We’re going be constantly arranging our schedules just to keep up.  I tend to pout if I don’t get enough attention, so there’s that he has to handle.  Bless his heart. 

One of our pastors warned him that we are now targets for attack.  A wise warning and one we should watch out for.  Not the Hollywood version of Satan, but the subtle deceiver that twists the truth just enough to try to trick us and make us fall away.  Any time we make a move closer to God it’s a threat to the evil one.  We need to be aware, on our guard and prepared.  I will stand behind God’s word to fortify my child-like faith and trust that God’s truth will shield us as we grow more spiritually mature. 

My SM is one of 10 enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry.  Please join me in prayer for my husband and the other 9 who have decided to embark on this new journey in Christ.  With God’s help and some hard work we’ll be celebrating another milestone soon.

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