Positive Affirmations

I read my husband’s FB status a few moments ago and had to smile.  He wrote, “ Have you ever thought about the times you have said “yes” to God’s nudgings instead of saying “no” where the yes has taken you?”  

Well, yes, I have!  He and I talked briefly over lunch today about how just one “yes” can create an avalanche of life-change and blessing.  Just one.  

While I know that his comment was mostly introspective, I also know how it relates to me individually and to us as a couple.  In reality, it’s been a flowchart of yes and no responses.  But those key yes answers have been huge for us both.  God has done amazing things with our ‘yes’es so far.  I’m convinced He’s not done with us yet. 

The past four years’ events prove to me, without any doubt, that God has a plan for each and every one of us.  For you reading this and for me.  For our old church in CA, to our current church in SC and for future church plants. 

“Put your yes on the table” (A.H.)   

“Let your yes mean yes” (F.B.)

We each have a purpose and a part and a choice to make.  What one thing are you being called to do today? How will you answer?

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