God’s Onions

I like this time of day.  The majority of the housework is behind me and the day’s phone calls have been made.  I’m looking forward to my husband’s arrival from work.  All that remains is making dinner.  That might sound mundane and ordinary, but it’s enjoyable.  It’s quiet time to reflect on the day’s events and to plan ahead for tomorrow. 

As I began the prep work for tonight’s meal, I noticed my onion had some issues.  From the outside it looked fine, but as I peeled back the skin, then the top layers … some bad spots were revealed.   It was salvageable, so I went to work cutting away the bad stuff, saving what I could use. 

It occurred to me that I’m a lot like that myself.  One of God’s onions.  While I looked ok on the outside, on the inside were issues.  He’s been trimming away at my bad spots, keeping what He can use.  I sensed that I’m being prepped for more.  Like the onion for tonight’s dinner, God has a plan for me. 

There’s real peace and comfort in that.  Even though we’re undeserving He doesn’t toss us aside.  We aren’t a loss, we are salvageable.  He wants us to be saved and used for more.

Here’s to all us onions!

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5 Responses to God’s Onions

  1. Mark Bowling says:

    Good stuff baby!

  2. jeanette morgan says:

    Another wow writing my friend. I love the revelations you are receiving the deeper into intimacy you go with our heavenly daddy. He moves through you so beautifully and with so much divine wisdom. I am blessed everytime I read another writing and inspired to go even deeper with him myself. Hugs!

  3. Bonnie says:

    I love this analogy, and how you can look at something simple and find a comparison like this to share. Mundane and ordinary, not at all! It’s the everyday things that mean the most – more now than ever before. 🙂

  4. I want to be a Valdalia Onion! Sweet!!

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