Word Of The Day

Nobody said following Christ would be easy, but God graciously supplied us with a manual.  This manual, however,  is only as good as the time invested in prayerfully reading, understanding and applying it’s life-giving instruction.  Some concepts aren’t always as clear to me, but this one is and for me it sums up our pastor’s message at church yesterday, “Our growth in God comes from our faith in God’s Word for our daily decisions.” 

Hearing these words shed light on some mental and spiritual clutter, those little groans from my soul.  Hearing them sparked an internal conversation ….. 

How much am I really investing in my relationship with God?  Am I giving Him my first, my all or just my leftovers?  Does God hear me when I mindlessly “text” Him a prayer, never expecting or waiting for Him to answer?  Will I ever let go of a certain unforgiveness I’m holding on to … and if I don’t, does God still claim me as His?  Do I have faith and trust that God has my best interests at heart?  Why on occasion do I still entertain fear and doubt?  Do I compare myself to others to try to assess my spiritual health?  Am I making the daily, intentional choice to seek His will and actually apply it to every aspect of my life?  

How I answer these questions can vary from day to day, by degrees.  Reality is that I simply won’t grow in my relationship with God unless I choose to live by His word and have complete, unshakable faith in everything He reveals about Himself in the Bible.  I have to be “all in” with this.  That means no cherry-picking which of His principles to cling to and which I think I can ignore.  

Whether it’s guidance on relationships, tithing, ministry, love, prayer, hardship, forgiveness, generosity, faith, family, trust, marriage, grief, money, sexuality, business, salvation, integrity, evil, sorrow …. there isn’t anything I can think of that God didn’t instruct us on through His written word.   It won’t always be easy but in the Bible are timeless, relevant answers for all the issues that make up my day to day.  When in doubt, reach for the instructions.

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7 Responses to Word Of The Day

  1. Ouch….but so true. Some days easier than others…..a work in progress and will be til I meet my precious Lord!

    Hugs, love, and prayers,

  2. Mark Bowling says:

    The Bible is relevant because it is timeless. The world we live has a sliding scale of morality in the name of enlightened tolerance. So, that which is timeless and unchanging should be our guide in everything we do.

    You are perceptive my dear. This is very good!

    Beeg Hug, Little keeees!


  3. Bonnie says:

    Very eloquently written Elena – the beauty is, it comes so natural to you. Your faith is ever-inspiring to me, I know I’ve told you that before but it bears repeating. And you and Mark are simply awesome together, another huge inspiration. Love you much girlie!!

  4. Elena says:

    Sharing is easier written, rather than spoken at this point in my life. The true test is if people can see Christ living in me just through living. Time to grab my manual again 🙂 Love you Bon, thanks for your encouragement!

  5. Elena, I love seeing Jesus live through you! You are a huge encouragement to me!

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