Irritation Turned Inspiration

I dreaded telling my husband that one of our precious kitties chewed the power cord for the computer modem … in half.  We needed the quickest and least expensive fix for this problem, since he sometimes works from home in the evenings.  The power cord is the most recent thing they’re destroyed, the list is growing!  I was emotionally torn, angry enough this time to consider finding them new homes, yet grieving at the thought of letting my kitties go.

We decided to let emotions settle before doing anything rash and grabbed the YP to find help  I chose a listing, called ahead and jumped in the car.  Still upset, angry, irritated and torn.  Definitely not feeling the love! 

The Garmin took me to a plain building two blocks off Main Street.  The sign outside said it was a repair shop, but inside it was half floral / half TV repair.  Within seconds every bit of my anger, irritation and upset had disappeared.  Within minutes I was fast friends with one of the loveliest, Godliest, most authentic ladies you’d ever want to meet.  

You’ve had that experience before, met someone for the first time, instantly liked them and felt like you’ve known them forever?  That’s how it was.  We talked about faith, finances, weddings, kids, personal struggles, flowers, the Bible, the challenges of interracial couples, churches, sin, leadership, ministry, business, God’s faithfulness, you name it.  I spent over an hour and a half chatting comfortably beside her as she prepared flowers for an upcoming wedding, all the while fielding orders by phone and walk-in customers with ease.  

What’s remarkable about this story isn’t my new-found friendship, but how this lady touched the life of every vendor and customer with a grace that can come only from one source.  I was there only an hour and a half, can you imagine how much she pours into people in a day, or a week?   This lady is an example of a modern-day missionary, a living inspiration.  She is my “God moment” for the week.  

In case you wondered, her husband’s TV repair shop shares the space with her floral shop, he had the cord fixed 15 minutues into our visit and charged me all of $ 5.00.  I’m feeling doubly blessed today.

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11 Responses to Irritation Turned Inspiration

  1. Jeanette Morgan says:

    YOU inspire me!!! Love love love it!

  2. Amazing story! I remember when my dog was a puppy and chewed up our power cord. Cost us $90 to fix it (that’s a lot of money for us). Then chewed the leg our very expensive brand new dinning table. My husband was ready to give him away, I was just about there with him. Fortunately he’s still with us and a very well behaved and trained dog.

    Beautiful God moment. I can only pray that people can see God’s light through me the way you saw it through the woman in the flower shop/ tv repair shop.

    • Elena says:

      Repairing the screen porch is going to cost over $400, uuuggghhh! I have to watch these kitties like toddlers to make sure they don’t pick the carpet and furniture. Hopefully they will outgrow this phase before I give up on having pets.

      I like to think that God’s light shines through us when He is ready for someone to receive it. Kind of like the old saying, if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a noise? There was a time not too long ago that I rejected His light. Thank God for new eyes. 🙂

  3. I love how GOD works…..always supplying what we need/who we need even before we need it. He certainly prepares the way before us! As you can imagine, we have certainly lost our share of objects due to fur babies and or teenagers, so I get it. Love your blog! Thanks for sending me here. I am going to go back and look for a follower button, etc.
    Love you,

    • Elena says:

      Me too, love how He works! Turning an annoyance into an opportunity to connect and share His love with another believer. It’s amazing to see His mighty hand at work in even small things. ~~Hugs~~

  4. Great blog, Elena! Love seeing God in what most would see as insignificant, but where He appears huge to us! Welcome to blog world! 🙂

  5. Bonnie says:

    I couldn’t help that smile on my face when I read of ‘their’ latest mishap adventure. It’s funny how a frustrating moment like that can bring us into something wonderful and fulfilling, like meeting your newest friend. 🙂

  6. Just dropping in to say: Keep blogging ladybug! Love you!!

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