A Matter Of The Heart

The past few weeks have been enightening.  I was very busy with things planned as well as sponataneous, but I felt an incredible emptiness with my husband away on business.  In response to his absence I intentionally set about creating projects, tasks and little moments to fill the void and pass the time.  As I reflect on the past 12 days I see God’s hand all over it.   Every day a new lesson, an opportunity to grow, a glimpse at life and myself through His eyes.

It started as a whisper of a word that grew louder as the days passed.  “Identity”.  Think about it.  We all carry little labels that help classify who we are, outwardly and inwardly.  We start out as someone’s child, someone’s brother or sister, someone’s spouse, someone’s parent and so on.  We group ourselves by the clothes we wear, the teams we cheer for, the cars we drive, our church, our work, our cell phones, our circle of friends.  Everyone does it, it’s a natural human trait. 

What if someone forgets who they are and Whose they are?  What if they never knew, or they know but choose to ignore it?   What if they begin to rely on those little labels to define who they are?   I think the result is misplaced identity.

If I measure myself by, getting my value from, people, activities and things …. my true identity is misplaced.  Over the past few days I realized that I had slapped on the busy label to help me define myself.  While I was engaged in projects, church or community acts of service, He asked me if I was truly doing these things to serve Him … or was it the other way around?   When I take care of my home and husband, is it in joyful obedience and loving submission, or is it self-serving?

Wow, our God is a loving heavenly Father.  It amazes me how He gently convicts us and sheds light on our mess.  Then He helps us clean it up!  He let me do my busy-things,  all the while poking at my heart and flooding my mind with questions, then providing the answers.  He reminded me again Whose I am, why I am here, Who I serve … ’cause on occasion I come across a familiar label and I forget. 

It’s a matter of the heart.  God first, front and center, in all things.  Life is filled with so many great gifts, so enjoy them …. just remember Who brought them to the party!  Work?  Service opportunities?  Relationships with my spouse, family and friends?  God.  Everything comes from and belongs to Him.  To me that means my identity is directly linked to having a heart that chooses to seek out and live out His perfect will for my life.

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3 Responses to A Matter Of The Heart

  1. He is the only one who can meet our needs! Great reminder!
    Hugs, andrea

  2. Bonnie says:

    This is a wonderfully written piece E, I look so forward to reading more!

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